Say hello to The Hub.

Hand-curated content supercharges your website, engages and converts customers and advances your brand.

The Hub is a smart and strategic way to engage customers and keep them coming back to your website.

We’ve given The Hub a bit of the once over to deliver an even more engaging (and beautiful) content experience for your prospects with premium, hand-curated social and interactive content – blogs, videos, Flipbooks, calls-to-action and more – into a conversion-focused content experience designed to facilitate leasing and exploit marketing efficiencies. Boom.

How does The Hub work?

But first, content.

We get to know your community and your target customers during our discovery process.

Armed with this information, we scour the web to curate the best third-party social media content from premium sources including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs.

And then the feeds.

Sources are then hand-assembled into content categories – like interior design, arts & culture, food scene, and sports – and combined into custom feeds that can be embedded on virtually any digital platform in a variety of beautiful layouts.

And, finally we flip.

Add on a few custom flipbooks (hint: great for floor plans) loaded with interactive content from The Hub – and a clear path to the online lease.

Our new social feeds provide premium content that’s more beautiful than ever.

Premium third-party social feeds.

Our partnership with allows us to amp up our curated feeds with premium (and official) third-party Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest feeds.

Beautiful (and customizable) display options.

Choose from waterfall, carousel, grid, or single panel displays that can be embedded on virtually any digital platform (and customized to your community’s brand identity to fit seamlessly into digital touch points).

Custom APIs supercharge website performance.

Custom APIs embed the feeds directly on your website with any third-party websites opening within a closeable iFrame. This generates more time on site and clicks associated with your community’s URL (good for SEO) – all while keeping prospects within your sales environment.

We’ve evolved the flipbooks to create a clearer path to the lease transaction – in a cooler, prettier way.

A transaction focus.

We channeled best practices from catalogs and design magazines to deliver a more engaging presentation – and a clearer path to pricing & availability (and the lease).

We love Adobe Online.

And what’s not to? Leveraging this platform allows us to add animation, integrate interactive elements, and leverage major efficiencies in the design platform to take our flipbooks to the next level.

Trackable performance. Hooray!

Because our flipbooks are independent of any platform, we can track movement between your website to the flipbooks and back again (your SEO guys will really really like this).