The Hub Carousel Feeds

Dynamically updated content streams in a super-clean, fit-anywhere presentation.

With The Hub, your prospects engage with premium content – without leaving your website.

When visitors click on the image, it opens a “social browser” that sits on top of the page, encouraging engagement and boosting time on site. Custom APIs (added at deployment) ensure that any links open on top of the page in a closeable iFrame, so your prospects never leave your sales environment.

Carousel feeds are a great, compact way to tee up your community’s social media content and videos. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with a lot of dynamically updated content in a manageable and engaging way.


Facebook feeds.

A great way to leverage all the hard work your team does to manage Facebook in the first place.

YouTube feeds.

Serve up powerful video content throughout your digital platform.

Instagram feeds.

Who doesn’t love a great Insta?

Blended feeds.

We’re able to curate feeds from multiple sources and serve them up a ton of content in manageable, bite-sized pieces.

But wait. There's more to love about The Hub's curated social feeds.

The feeds are easy to embed

The Hub 2.0 social feeds are easily embeddable on virtually any digital platform - websites, eBlasts, touch screens and more - via HTML code.

We'll customize and control with APIs

Custom APIs are deployed when we implement The Hub 2.0, allowing us to format and style the social feeds to match your community's brand identity and website exactly. And - bonus! - the API also controls link behavior so your prospect never leaves your sales environment. Please note in this demo, links will open in a new tab.

This is a social content generating machine

Your onsite team can easily share any Hub element on the community's social media channels in just a two clicks.

Market-level content + community-specific feeds

With a maximum of 50 sources, our platform allows us to curate content at the market level and slice and dice it across multiple communities via custom feeds.
This demo includes 15 sources.

It's as close to set it and forget as you can get

Each social feed is configured to update dynamically, so you're guaranteed fresh content throughout the day. What's more, handy filters help to ensure unsavory content never sees the light of day.